Swachh Bharat Mission , launched by the Hon’ble Prime Minister on 02.10.2014, aims at making India totally clean by 2019. CPWD has decided that all employees and offices will undertake the following magor activities to maintain office and residential areas clean, and to sustain the Mission to make it a grand success.

1. Spreading awareness about the mission

Banners for Swachh Bharat Mission (sample given below) will be displayed at prominent locations in General Pool Residential Accommodation (GPRA) and General Pool Office Accommodation (GPOA) complexes being maintained by CPWD. Logo of the Mission (sample given below) will be printed on all future publications, letter heads, file covers, display boards at work sites, etc. Coloured logo will be pasted on entrants gates of office buildings, dust bins,  government vehicles, etc.

An interactive Swachh Bharat Mission portal on CPWD website has been created for uploading of photographs and related details. Comments and feedback received from members of public may be responded and acted upon appropriately.         All office heads in field units can upload contents on this portal using PIMS ID and password.

2. Nomination of nodal officers

The SE (Electrical) will be the nodal officer for each zone. The list of nodal officers will be displayed on the said portal. They will carry out surprise check and ensure that all the activities listed here are carried out properly and promptly.                  The EE (Civil), EE (Electrical), and Deputy Director (Horticulture) will be responsible for cleanliness in each GPRA and GPOA complex under their maintenance for civil, electrical, and horticulture works respectively.

3. Encouraging participation by residents

The residents’ welfare associations and residents may be encouraged to participate in Shram Daan on Saturdays or holidays. Photographs and details of cleaning activities will be maintained by the EEs, and also uploaded on the said portal.

4. Cleaning of government office buildings

Old files will be weeded out. Dismantled materials and building rubbish lying in common areas will be removed promptly. The heads of government offices will be issued notices by the EEs concerned to remove all unserviceable furniture and records lying in corridors of office buildings.

5. Repair and maintenance of government buildings

To ensure tidy look and clean surroundings, repair and maintenance of government buildings will be undertaken in consultation with the departments as per availability of budget.

6. Removal of garbage and building rubbish

Active persuasion will be made with municipalities for prompt removal of garbage from designated garbage bins in GPOA, GPRA complexes. Building rubbish and garbage lying elsewhere within the complex will be removed promptly by us. Garbage lying outside our premises will be reported to the municipality or authority concerned for removal.

7. Cleanliness of public toilets and public places

Adequate number of dust bins may be provided in public places. Cleaning of public toilets, public places, dust bins, manholes, drains, etc. is to be given priority. Manholes will be cleaned mechanically with requisite equipment and safety measures. All light fittings will be made functional.

8. Maintenance of public parks

All parks and green areas will be cleaned regularly and maintained properly. All light fittings will be made functional. Treated effluent from sewage treatment plant will be used for horticulture purposes, where available. Horticulture waste will be composted.

9. Maintenance of water bodies

Water bodies maintained by CPWD including its surroundings will be cleaned properly, rejuvenated and maintained in good condition.

10. Cleaning of statues of national leaders

Statues of national leaders maintained by CPWD will be cleaned regularly.

11. Cleanliness at work site

View cutters and barricades will be erected around the periphery of the work site. Sanitary facility will be provided for labour at site.

12. Swachh Mansikta

Each employee has to bring about change in attitude towards cleanliness. Swachh Mansikta will be promoted amongst all. Shram Daan for two hours every week, one hour for cleaning office and second for cleaning residential area will be done by all employees. Everyone should take initiative of continuing the chain of nine referrals, so that message can spread fast.