1. The user name is 21 character PIMS ID, eg XYZ31031991AEEC082004
2. New user may go to New User, complete Employee Data Form and submit online. The office head will submit the data in PIMS after due verification. The user name and password will then be sent by the system to the personal e-mail id given in PIMS.
3. If you donot remember password, go to Forgot Password, and enter details to get system generated password on your personal e-mail id given in PIMS.
4. If personal e-mail is not given in PIMS, ask your office head to enter it.
5. All heads of regions, sub-regions, zones, circles and divisions (or equivalent subordinate offices) can operate PIMS and PMS with single log in. Other officers can view both applications, and also edit personal details in PIMS.
6. The PIMS transfer, relieving, and joining order is necessary to map employee log in details in the new office. Please note that PIMS and PMS cannot be used until your log in details are mapped in the new office. Please contact the offices concerned with issue of transfer, posting orders for assistance or query related to PIMS transfer order. The e-Governance Unit does not issue or correct PIMS transfer, relieving, and joining orders.
7. The joining and relieving through PIMS can only be done by controlling office head. However, CEs and higher level officers are their own controling officers.