Last date for filling the Online Hindi Pragati Report Pranali was 10th Oct. 2019 which is now extended up to 22nd Oct. 2019.
1.What is PIMS ?

A software application which covers the core functions of Human Resource Department of CPWD.

2.Procedure in case where transfer order is issued without PIMS transfer id. ?

3.What is ID PIMS & who will generate this ?

4.Who allots the password first time ?

5.Who can login to PIMS application & what can be done by them ?

6.What functions individual can perform in PIMS application ?

7.What functions by Head of the Office (in original charge, as well in additional/ current duty charge) can be performed ?

8.What is available in public domain in PIMS application ?

9.How to retrieve forgot password ?

10.Who is the head of the office ?

11.Can head of the office delegate his powers of PIMS software ?

12.Can head of the office in current duty charge/additional charge do the function of PIMS software ?

13.How an employee can be relieved by head of the office ?

14.How the Joining of employee is generated ?

15.Who should be approached by individual to get his incomplete posting history complete and how this is to be done by head of office ?

16.Whos is authorized to create the transfer orders in PIMS application and what happens after the transfer orders are visible in PIMS application ?